Paper published @ IJWC

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A paper involving the Ergonomics & Human Factors research group has been recently published in the International Journal on Working Conditions. The paper is authored by 2 researchers from E & HF and by Madalena Torres (Chief Nurse of the Surgical Specialties Services at the Hospital of Braga).

The full reference of the paper is:

Torres, M., Carneiro, P. & Arezes, P. (2017). WMSDs in nurses that provide care in surgical internment context. International Journal on Working Conditions, Nº. 14, pp. 33-49.

The paper can be accessed at the journal webpage


Cycle of seminars on Human Engineering

aaaaa.pngThe final seminar of the Human Engineering Cycle of Seminars took place the last March, 24th, in the School of Engineering of the University of Minho. The seminar was lectured by Gustavo Rosal (Human Factors Engineer), who addressed the pressing theme: “Engineering of the Human Factor in Industry 4.0”

E&HF group in Chile

pa.pngThe E&HF group coordinator, Pedro Arezes, traveled to Chile in the scope of research project coordinated by the University of Valparaíso on the topic of Ageing within the working population. This project has been coordinated by Ignacio Castellucci, an Associate Professor at the University of Valparaíso, member of the E&HF group and an alumnus from the University of Minho, and it involves the participation of the University of Minho, through Pedro Arezes, as well as the participation of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, through Martin Lavallière.

During his visit to Chile, Pedro Arezes has given several lectures, including one at the Medicine Faculty of the University of Valparaíso, where he addressed the topics of “Obesity as a risk factor for WRMSDs during Manual Vertical Handling tasks”, and one at the headquarters of Mutual de Seguridad CChC, in Santiago de Chile.

Pedro Arezes was also invited by Sochergo, the Chilean Society of Ergonomics, to address a lecture entitled “Ergonomia de interfaces y nuevos retos para el diseño de interfaces hombre-máquina” (photo above).

PREVER award to Pedro Arezes


Pedro Arezes, the E&HF group coordinator, was distinguished with the international prize ‘Prever’ – Prevention of Occupational Risks, of the Spanish General Council of Industrial Labor Sciences (CGRICT).  The award highlights the work developed in the risk prevention in the workplace and it was awarded in Cordoba, Spain.

More information (in Portuguese) can be found here.

E&HF at Exame Informática Magazine

28238399_1705741096114643_8283810524727172527_oAn article about the study developed by Harvard University and Microsoft was published in the Portuguese magazine Exame Informática (EI). The study was developed with the collaboration of the E&HF group coordinator, Pedro Arezes, and was published recently in the journal Applied Ergonomics.

The published article in EI is mainly focused in the role of the thumb in the interface design for tablets and it deserved a front cover reference on the magazine’s March 2018 edition.

The article is (temporarily) available at this link

E&HF @ graduation ceremony UMinho


The Graduation Ceremony of the School of Engineering of UMinho took place on 3rd February 2018 at the Main Auditorium of the School, in Guimarães, and it involved all the graduates (from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles) of School of Engineering, who have finished their degrees in the last academic year.

The Human Engineering Msc. was  represented by one of the four students that have completed their degrees in 2017. The program director, Prof. Paula Carneiro, has given the graduation book to Daniela Dionísio (pic above). Ana Colim (pic below) has also received her book, as she has finished her PhD in 2017.

The HErg congratulates the graduates and wish all the best for their current and future careers.


Paper published @ Int J Industrial Ergonomics

A paper involving the E & HF group has been recently published (online) in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics , a journal indexed at ISI-WoK and Scopus, and with an Impact Factor of 1.415 (2016).

The paper resulted from a  work involving 6 different universities, from 5 countries: Portugal, Chile, UK, The Netherlands, and Iran.

The full reference of the published paper is:

  • Viviani, C.; Arezes, P.; Bragança, S.; Molenbroek, J.; Dianat, I.; Castellucci, H.I. (2018). Accuracy, precision and reliability in anthropometric surveys for ergonomics purposes in adult working populations: A literature review. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, vol. 65, pp. 1-16.

Link to FREE download (until 27th March):