Post Graduation Courses in the domain of 



(accredited by the ACT for training of Senior Practitioner on Occupational Safety)

The scientific-technical field of Human Engineering is now recognized as an important element of a modern and efficient industrial management. It is no longer possible to conceive an effective management approach of any industrial system or service without the consideration and use of techniques and methodologies incorporated in the various disciplines that constitute subject commonly known as Human Engineering.

This course intends to provide a postgraduate level training course in the field of Human Engineering (with core issues such as the Ergonomics, Occupational Health and Safety) in order to provide companies with qualified professionals. The main idea is to help companies to fulfill all the legal requirements, contributing at the same time for its sustained development.


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The Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (DPISE) is based on new paradigms for the education in Industrial and Systems Engineering. It aims to train a new generation of specialists and researchers that should be able to, in a systemic manner, designing innovative solutions, from and for integrated products with high added value and / or allowing an increase in their positions in major international value chains.

The overall objective of the PISE is the creation of highly qualified and skilled people, which may contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of products and services industries. It is intended to provide the development of advanced scientific skills associated with design, modeling and management of complex systems.

The program has several areas of specialization, including the Human Engineering oriented PhD., which should include a thesis in the area of Ergonomics, Safety and Occupational Hygiene. The conclusion of DPISE, after the approval of the public presentation of the thesis, offers the degree of PhD. on Industrial and Systems Engineering.

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