E&HF group @ 19th ICIEHF, Chicago

The Ergonomics & Human Factors Research Group was represented at the 19th ICIEHF, held in the 26 and 27th October in Chicago, USA. The group was represented by Pedro Arezes, who presented a work that has being developed in a PhD project by João Silva, a PhD candidate supervised by Pedro Arezes and Nelson Costa, from UMinho, as well as by Rudolf Schierl, from the TU Munich, in Germany.

This representation has resulted in the selection of the fullpaper to be published in an international journal with the following reference:

  • J. Silva, P. Arezes, R. Schierl, N. Costa (2017). Risk of Occupational Exposure to Cytotoxic Drugs: The Role of Handling Procedures of Hospital Workers. International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences , vol 11(10), pp. 522-530. (the paper is available upon request to authors through this link).

The picture below show all the speakers at Session 1 of the event, including Pedro Arezes.


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