Chilean anthropometry data updated

The public presentation of the project “anthropometric database of the Chilean working population, specifying gender differences” was carried out on the 24th of October in Santiago de Chile.
The project was carried out by The Universidad de Valparaiso and Mutual de la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción with the collaboration of others Universities, including the University of Minho. Two members of the E&HF group, Ignacio Castellucci (a former PhD student and current researcher), Carlos Viviani (current PhD student), together with Marta Martinez (from MUTUAL), have co-authored the presented publication.

A total of 32 anthropometric measures were taken from a sample of 2,946 workers (Female: 600 and Male: 2,346), from the Valparaiso and Metropolina regions in Chile. This research was funded by Mutual de Seguridad de la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción, fondo Proyectos de Investigación e Innovación, SUSESO. The main results show that the Chilean working population has increased in stature (2cm and 1cm per decade for woman and male respectevily) and almoste all the other antrhropometric measurers. It also show that there are stastically differences in all the dimensions between gender, and only in hip width female presents higher values.

The research team has included the following researchers: Gonzalo Bravo, Agustina Cárdenas, Felipe Llanca, Ítalo Mercurino, Soraya Sabaj, Álvaro Villanueva, Romina Zamorano, MSc. Verónica Aparici (Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile), PhD. Pedro Arezes (Universidade do Minho, Portugal), PhD. Sara Bragança (Southampton Solent University, UK), PhD. Johan Molenbroek (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands), MSc. Carlos Viviani (Universidad de Playa Ancha, Chile), Marta Martínez (Mutual, Chile), PhD. Ignacio Castellucci (Universidad de Valparaíso).

The picture below shows the authors of the book: (from left to right) Ignacio Castellucci, Marta Martínez, and Carlos Viviani.


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