MSc. Human Engineering – Roberto Cabuço

Untitled.pngThe public discussion of the Msc. Thesis in Human Engineering of Roberto Cabuço was carried out on the 27th of July. The candidate was approved with a final grade of 16 values.

The dissertation title was “Riscos ocupacionais no bloco operatório: acidentes com materiais de natureza biológica e química(Occupational risks in the operating room: accidents with biological and chemical materials) and it was supervised by Professor Paula Carneiro, from the E&HF group, and by Professor Ana Cristina Braga, from SEOR group. The external member of the jury was Maria Antónia Gonçalves, from ISEP-IPP.

Congratulations to Roberto Cabuço, his supervisors, and to E&HF group for the success of this dissertation.


One thought on “MSc. Human Engineering – Roberto Cabuço

  1. Thank you very much for the tribute. It was not easy, but fortunately i had a good time that valued me Profesor Paula Carneiro and Ana Cristina Braga. I thank the jury for for the availability on a sunny and hot day.

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