MSc. Human Engineering – João Guterres


The public discussion of the Msc. thesis in Human Engineering of João Guterres (fifth from left in the picture) was carried out on the 2nd of February. The candidate was approved with a final grade of 15 values.

The dissertation title was “Avaliação da Influência da Iluminação no Desempenho Cognitivo dos Alunos dos laboratórios da Faculdade de Engenharia de Hera (UNTL)” (Evaluation of the influence of illumination in the cognitive performance of the students attending Hera Faculty of Engineering (UNL)) and it was supervised by Professor Nélson Costa (forth from left), from the E&HF group, and the external member of the jury was João Santos Baptista, from  FEUP (second from right in the picture).

Congratulations to João Guterres, his supervisor, and to E&HF group for the success of this dissertation.


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