Ana Cristina Ferreira won a Post-Doctoral fellowship from FCT

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-50-57Ana Cristina Ferreira, a researcher working in collaboration with the E&HF group from Centro ALGORITMI, is one of the winners of a Post-Doctoral fellowship from FCT.

Ana Cristina will develop her work focused on the topic “Optimization of Innovative CHP Systems driven by Renewable Energy Technologies”, which will be supervised by Prof. Senhorinha Teixeira (DPS-UMinho), Prof. José Carlos Teixeira (DEM-Uminho) and Prof. Silvia Nebra (UF-ABC, Brazil).

The project aims the simultaneous optimization of efficiency, costs and the assessment of alternative systems in terms of their economic viability in different social-economic contexts. Ultimately, this proposal seeks the development of optimized, cleaner and reliable solutions for small-scale energy supply.The E&HF group congratulates Cristina and her supervisors for this achievement.


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