MSc. Human Engineering – Aurora Silva

aaaThe public discussion of the Msc. thesis in Human Engineering of Aurora Eva Alves da Silva was carried out on 5th of December. The candidate was approved with a final grade of 15 values.
The dissertation title was “: “Students Involvement in the diagnosis of Hygiene and Safety problems in Elementary and Middle Schools” and it was supervised by Professors Isabel Freitas Loureiro (from the EH&F group) and Celina Pinto Leão (from the SEOR group), and the external member of the jury was Matilde Alexandra Rodrigues, from ESS-IPP. This work was developed in collaboration with the Guimarães City Council (Câmara Municipal de Guimarães), with support from Drª Patrícia Ferreira.
Congratulations to Aurora Silva, he supervisors, and to EH&F group for the success of this dissertation.


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