MSc. Human Engineering – Reinaldo Cruz

aaaa.jpgThe public discussion of the Msc. thesis in Human Engineering of Reinaldo Cruz (fifth from left in the picture) was carried out on 24th of November. The candidate was approved with a final grade of 14 values.

The dissertation title was “Avaliação da Segurança em Trabalhos em Altura na Distribuição Elétrica de Baixa e Média Tensão em Timor Leste” (Safety evaluation of working at height in low and medium voltage electrical distribution in East Timor) and it was supervised by Professor Nélson Costa (forth from left), from the EH&F group, and the external member of the jury was João Santos Baptista, from  FEUP (second from right in the picture).

Congratulations to Reinaldo Cruz, his supervisor, and to EH&F group for the success of this dissertation.


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