Human Engineering Seminars 2016/2017


During the current academic year, the cycle of Seminars in Human Engineering 2016/17, will take place at the University of Minho. These activities are open to general public and the organizing committee will issue attendance certificates for all those interested in participating in these events.

The first lecture has already occurred, on the 19th November (11h30) at the Pedagogical Lab (room EE.2.40), and the speaker was the occupational physician MD Henrique Machado (picture above).

The second lecture will take place on the 30th November (18h00) and the speaker will be the occupational physician MD Rui Garrido. The third activity will be the Workshop on first aid and life basic support that will be presented by Nurse Madalena Torres, in the 10th December (10h00), and the last lecture will be addressed by Ignacio Castellucci, from Universidad de Valparaíso – Chile, on April 8th (10h00).


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