HErg published in international journal – Part II

CARADYNA197.jpgThe Human Engineering research group (HErg) has published 4 addittional papers in the more recent number of the DYNA journal issue 83 (197), June, 2016. Medellín [ISSN 0012-7353 Printed, ISSN 2346-2183 Online]. All the papers of this issue are available at http://dyna.medellin.unal.edu.co/ .

The new published papers from the group are:

  • Silva, F. Arezes, P. & Swuste, P. (2016). Risk management of occupational exposure to nanoparticles during a development project: A case study. DYNA 83 (197), pp.09-16.
  • Bragança, S., Arezes, P., Carvalho, M. & Ashdown, S.P. (2016). Current state of the art and enduring issues in anthropometric data collection. DYNA 83 (197), pp.22-30.
  • Umami, M., Arezes, P. & Sampaio, A.M. (2016). Understanding finger postures when touching targets on the touchscreen of mobile devices. DYNA 83 (197), pp.31-37.
  • Lavallière, M. Bursting, AA, Arezes, P. & Coughlin, J.F. (2016). Tackling the challenges of an aging workforce with the use of wearable technologies and the quantified-self. DYNA 83 (197), pp.38-43.

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