HErg published in international journal


The Human Engineering research group (HErg) has published 6 papers in the more recent number of the DYNA journal issue 83 (196), April, 2016. Medellín [ISSN 0012-7353 Printed, ISSN 2346-2183 Online]. All the papers of this issue are available at http://dyna.medellin.unal.edu.co/ . According to journal’s website, DYNA has been created as a scientific publication in the areas of engineering and technological sciences, with the aim of publish high quality articles important from a scientific and engineering technology perspective.

The published papers from the group are:

  1. Application of the Delphi Method for the inclusion of externalities in occupational safety and health analysis, from Delfina Ramos, Pedro Arezes & Paulo Afonso, DYNA 83 (199), pp.14-20.
  2. Occupational risk assessment at Olive Oil Mills: Limitations and new perspectives, from Matilde A. Rodrigues, Juan C. Rubio-Romero, Pedro Arezes & Manuel Soriano-Serrano, DYNA 83 (199), pp. 21-26.
  3. A qualitative analysis on occupational health and safety conditions at small construction projects in the Brazilian construction sector, from Haroldo Pereira Gomes, Pedro Arezes & Luiz Carlos Fadel de Vasconcellos, DYNA 83 (199), pp.39-47.
  4. Differences in muscular activity between obese and non-obese workers during manual lifting, from Ana Colim, Pedro Arezes, Paulo Flores & Ana Cristina Braga, DYNA 83 (199), pp. 55-62.
  5. Impact of a workplace exercise program on neck and shoulder segments in office workers, from Mariana Machado-Matos & Pedro Arezes, DYNA 83 (199), pp. 63-68.
  6. Nutritional composition of meals at work and its relationship with manufacturing workers’ anthropometric profile and energy expenditure, from Eliana Aparecida Queiroz Bortolozo, Luiz Alberto Pilatti, Maria Helene Canteri & Pedro Arezes, DYNA 83 (199), pp. 86-92.

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