Paper published in the Int Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

S01698141A paper involving the Human Engineering research group has been recently published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, a journal indexed at ISI-WoK and Scopus, and with an Impact Factor of 1.070.

This paper is one of the outputs of the PhD project of Alberto Villaroya, which has been developed at the Universidad de Santiago Compostela (USC) – Campus de Lugo, in Spain, under the supervision of Francisco Fraga (USC), Santiago Diaz-Freijo (USC) and Pedro Arezes (UMinho). The full reference of the published paper is:

– Villarroya, A., Arezes, P., Díaz-Freijo, S., Fraga, F. (2016). Comparison between five risk assessment methods of patient handling. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Vol. 52, pp. 100–108.

(link to download the paper for free until 12th Feb 2016: