The HErg coordinator gave an Inaugural Lecture in the University of Granada

aaThe coordinator of the HErg was invited to give a lecture in Spain in two highly prestigious Spanish universities.
In the 9th of November, Pedro Arezes was at the University of Granada (picture above), where he was invited to give the Official Opening Lecture at the Msc. of Integral Building Safety and Management, the conference was entitled “Ergonomía de interfaces y nuevos retos para el diseño de interfaces hombre-maquina”. The lecture took place at the act room of the ETS de Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos of the University of Granada.
One day later, Pedro Arezes gave the same lecture at the University of Malaga (picture below), at the ETS de Ingeniería Industrial of the University of Málaga
The invited lecture was organised in the scope of the “Cátedra” on Prevention and Corporative Social