Papers and editorial published in WORK journal – Part 2

10519815 As previously announced, the journal WORK, from IOS Press, has just published the number 51, Issue 4, which is the 2nd part of a special issue on Occupational Ergonomics and Safety (launched in 2013). The guest editor of this special issue is the HErg coordinator, Pedro Arezes.

HErg researchers have also published 3 adittional  papers namely:

  • Arezes, P. (2015). Occupational Ergonomics and Safety – Part Two. Work, 51(4), pp. 633-634.
  • Mrugalska, B. Arezes, PM (2015). An investigation of safety design practices of metal machines. Work 51(4), pp. 747–755
  • Carneiro, P. Martins, J., Torres, M. (2015). Musculoskeletal disorder risk assessment in home care nurses. Work 51(4), pp. 657–665.

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