HErg @ AHFE 2015, Las Vegas US

pedro 17.18.30

The HErg was represented at the Congress AHFE 2015 in Las Vegas by the group coordinator, Pedro Arezes (pic above). At this event there was also other colleagues from UMinho, namely Miguel Carvalho, from 2C2T, and Guilherme Pereira, from ALGORITMI. These researchers from UMinho presented several works, namely:

  • Abreu, A., Arezes, P., Silva, C., Santos, R. (2015). A case study of product usability of a pelvic device used by children with neuromotor impairments. Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 3871-3878.
  • Arezes, P., Pereira, G., Kroger, M., Sampaio, P. (2015). Mitigating the impact of occupational noise exposure for elderly workers: setting the functional requirements for an ANC system. Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 4827-4833.
  • Bragança, S., Fontes, L., Arezes, P., Edelman, E., Carvalho, M. (2015). The impact of work clothing design on workers’ comfort. Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 715-722.
  • Lima, R., Fontes, L., Arezes, P., Carvalho, M. (2015). Ergonomics, anthropometrics, and kinetic evaluation of gait: A case study. Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 2588-2594.
  • Matos, M., Arezes, P. (2015). Ergonomic evaluation of office workplaces with Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA). Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 3181-3186.

Besides the presentation of the works that have been developed in the group, Pedro Arezes was also the co-chair of the 2nd International Conference on Safety Management and Human Factors, as well as a member of the Program Board for the 3rd International Conference on Ergonomics In Design and for the 1st International Conference on Human Factors and Systems Interaction. He was also chair and co-chair at 6 sessions during the event.


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