Paper published @Tecnometal

A paper involving the E & HF group has been recently published in the Portuguese Journal “Tecnometal”. The full references of the published paper is:

  • Sousa, Marta; Carneiro, Paula; Colim, Ana (2018), “Risks in material handling: a case study in a packaging workstation” (Riscos na Manipulação de Cargas: um caso de estudo num posto de trabalho de embalamento), Tecnometal, NR. 237, julho/agosto 2018, pp. 30-34.

The paper was developed within the scope of the curricular unit of Ergonomics, of the Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering.


MSc. Human Engineering | Eduarda Pereira

The public discussion of the Msc. Thesis in Human Engineering of Eduarda Pereira was carried out on November, 7th . The candidate was approved with a final grade of 17 values.

The dissertation title was “Os indicadores ocupacionais como critérios de modelos de sustentabilidade empresarial em cidades globais (Occupational indicators as criteria for enterprises’ sustainability models in global cities)” and it was supervised by Professor Isabel Loureiro, from the E&HF group, and Professor Paulo Ribeiro, from CTAC research center. The external member of the jury was Professor Gabriela Ramos, from ISEP. This work was developed with the support of Architect Marta Mota Prego, from the Guimarães marca project.

Congratulations to Eduarda, her family, her supervisors, and to the E&HF group for the success of this dissertation.

Pedro Arezes @ NUI Galway

The Ergonomics & Human Factors group coordinator was invited the External Reviewer in a PhD Viva for Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Ireland Galway.

The PhD candidate, Dr. Oisin Kearns, defended the thesis with the title”Developing Health and Safety Guidance for Geodetic Engineering Surveyors” and was considered approved by the examination panel, which was composed by (picture from left) Pedro Arezes, Pat Donnellan (internal reviewer), Martina Kelly (supervisor), Oisin Kearns (candidate) and Nathan Quinlan (chair of the PhD viva).

New paper published @Sensors

A paper involving the Ergonomics & Human Factors research group has been recently published in the International Journal Sensors, from MDPI, , a journal indexed at ISI-WoK and Scopus, and with an Impact Factor of 2.475 (2017) ;

The paper is online and with open access at at the journal webpage here.

The paper resulted from a joint research projects involving the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the University of Minho and its full reference is:

  • Sigcha, L.; Pavón, I.; Arezes, P.; Costa, N.; De Arcas, G. & López J.M. (2018). Occupational Risk Prevention through Smartwatches: Precision and Uncertainty Effects of the Built-In Accelerometer. Sensors 18(11), 3805;

E&HF group @Ostrava for ‘RiskMan’ project kickoff

Nélson Costa and Pedro Arezes (first and second from left in the picture), from the Human Factors & Ergonomics research group, were in Ostrava, Czech Republic, to attend the kickoff meeting of the projecto “RiskMan – Building Competence in Risk Management of Future HSE Professionals”.

The project is funded by the Program Erasmus+ and will be coordinated by the Technical University of Ostrava. The other partners of the projects are the University of Minho and AUVA (Austria). The project will also have some associate partners, such as TATRA TRUCKS, DEKONTA International, the Czech Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (CZ-TPIS) and the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH).

Among other goals, the main objective of the project is to develop relevant and high-quality skills and competences by HSE professional education. This will imply to enhance competence of the future safety professionals in the area of HSE risk management through transnational cooperation among universities, accident insurance companies, enterprises and other key stakeholders.

E&HF at the first line of research on SHE education

The E&HF group was represented at the international workshop on “Quality assessment of Academic Safety, Health and Environmental Education”, held at CRC MINES ParisTech, in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the 22 and 23 October.

The meeting was the kickoff action for the development of a European network with researchers with interest in develop studies related to education on HSE.

The meeting was attended by several colleagues coming from countries such as France, The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Belgium, UK and Portugal. Several actions were proposed and a few special sessions on the topic will be organised in other relevant international events.

E&HF group @ IHSED 2018, Reims

The Human Factors & Ergonomics research group was represent at the 1st Internacional Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design. The conference took place in University of Reims, France, between 25 and 27 October.

UMinho and the E&HF group were represented by several colleagues, including Ana Colim, Celina Pinto Leão, Filomena Soares (in the picture below), and Agostinho Fernandes, who co-authored several publications related to the group, namely:

  • Calado, A., Leite, P., Soares, F., Novais, P., Arezes, P. (2018). Design of a Framework to Promote Physical Activity for the Elderly. In Ahram, T., Taiar, R. and Karwowski, W. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 589-594 [ISBN 978-3-030-02052-1]
  • Leão, C., Costa, S., Costa, N, Arezes, P. (2018). Capturing the Ups and Downs of Accidents’ Figures – The Portuguese Case Study. In Ahram, T., Taiar, R. and Karwowski, W. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 675-681 [ISBN 978-3-030-02052-1]
  • Fernandes, A., Carneiro, P.,  Costa, N, Braga, AC. (2018). Study of the School Furniture Adequacy to Students’ Anthropometric Dimensions. In Ahram, T., Taiar, R. and Karwowski, W. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 832-837 [ISBN 978-3-030-02052-1]
  • Colim, A., Arezes, P., Flores, P., Braga, A.C. (2018). Workers’ Body Constitution as a Risk Factor During Manual Materials Handling. In Ahram, T., Taiar, R. and Karwowski, W. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 898-903 [ISBN 978-3-030-02052-1]

Apart from the presented papers, Ana Colim was also the chair of a session about
“Biomechanics and Digital Human Models” .