Human Engineering Seminars 2017/2018

The forth activity of the Cycle of Seminars in Human Engineering was the Workshop on First Aid and Life Basic Support, which was presented by Nurse Madalena Torres (pic above), and it was held in the School of engineering of the UMinho in the 11th December.


E&HF group @ FTC 2017, Vancouver – Canada

The Ergonomics & Human Factors Research Group was represented at the FTC 2017 Congress, held in the 29 and 30th November in Vancouver, Canada. The group was represented by Pedro Arezes, who presented a work that has been developed within a broader project between UMinho and BOSCH. The full reference of the presented work is:

  • Costa, S.; Simões, P.; Costa, N. & Arezes, P. (2017). A Cooperative Human-Machine Interaction Warning Strategy for the Semi-Autonomous Driving Context. Proceedings of the 2017 Future Technologies Conference (SAI) – IEEE, Vancouver, Canada, ISBN 978-1-5386-1744-1, pp. 155-161.

Paper published @ Polymer Eng & Sci

A paper entitled “Methodology for sustainable product design” involving the Ergonomics & Human Factors Research Group has been published in the Journal Polymer Engineering & Science, a journal indexed at ISI with an impact factor of 1,449. Paulo Simões, member go the E&HF group was one of the authors. The paper was firstly presented at PMI 2016 and has been published and is available in Early View on Wiley Online Library. Soon, it will be published in an issue of the referred journal.
The Article DOI is 10.1002/pen.24765 and can be found in this link

ENSHPO awarded in Spain

The European Network for Safety and Health Practitioners Organisations (ENSHPO), whose representative in Portugal is SPOSHO, was awarded in Granada, Spain, during the Congress of the Spanish Association of OHS professionals, Consejo General de Profesionales de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo de España (CGPSST) with the European Award for Safety and Health at Work “Miguel Servet”. A. Sérgio Miguel (in the picture above receiving the award), member of the E&HF group, President of SPOSHO, and current Vice-Chairman of ENSHPO, received this award on behalf of ENSHPO. Sérgio Miguel was an invited speaker at the congress, where he has presented a lecture entitled “Professional Associativism on OHS in Europe: The ENSHPO Certification Scheme”.

PhD. thesis in Human Geography | Juliana Alves

The Ergonomics Laboratory has collaborated with a research work related to noise pollution that was developed under the scope of a PhD. thesis in Geography (specialisation in Human Geography) developed by Juliana Alves (picture above), and supervised by Professors Paula  Cadima Remoaldo (ICS-UMinho) and Lígia Torres Silva (EEng – UMinho).
The thesis was discussed in the 7th November 2017 and was considered to be approved by the jury (picture below). 


E&HF involved in a patent

Paulo Simões (left picture), a member of the E & HF group, together with some other colleagues have successfully applied for an International Patent, which was recently approved and published by the World Intellectual Property Organization with the International Application Number PCT/IB2017/055330.
This patent, with the title “Vacuum cleaner with a 360 degree rotation”, involved researchers from the University of Minho and it refers to a vacuum cleaner comprising optimized movement system, enabling rotation in both vertical and horizontal planes up to 360 degrees in a free environment.

E&HF @ CIBEM 2017, Lisbon

The HErg was represented at CIBEM 2017 – 13º Congresso Ibero-Americano de Engenharia Mecânica / Ingeniería Mecánica, held between 23rd and 26th October in Lisbon, Portugal. CIBEM is a discussion forum that covers from the most classic to the most current themes (biomechanics, material development, nanotechnologies, microfluids, energy sources, new product development concepts, advanced modeling, digital manufacturing) posing challenges to the professional, such as the interaction and integration with other engineering fields, which are requirements of new environments based on Industry 4.0.

Professors Senhorinha Teixeira (In the picture above with Daniela Martins, MSc. Student, both from the School of Engineering UMinho) and Isabel Loureiro, members of the E&HF group, were co-authors and Senhorinha Teixeira represented the group, with the publications:

  • Maria João Sousa, Sara Cardoso, Vítor Gonçalves, Luís Martins, Nelson Rodrigues, Hélia Fonseca, Isabel Loureiro and Senhorinha Teixeira (2017) IMPACTO DE UMA FERRAMENTA DE AVALIAÇÃO DO AMBIENTE TÉRMICO NA TOMADA DE DECISÃO DE MUDANÇA DE LAYOUT, Proceedings of CIBEM 2017 – 13º Congresso Ibero-americano de Engenharia Mecânica / Ingeniería Mecánica (pp. 1-8). Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Thiago Cardoso, Cláudio Oliveira, Henrique Delgado, Nelson Rodrigues, Isabel Loureiro, Luís Martins and Senhorinha Teixeira (2017), ANÁLISE DO CONFORTO TÉRMICO DE UMA SALA DE CINEMA. Proceedings of CIBEM 2017 – 13º Congresso Ibero-americano de Engenharia Mecânica / Ingeniería Mecánica (pp. 1-11). Lisbon, Portugal.
  • João Silva, José Teixeira, Senhorinha Teixeira and Simone Preziati (2017) ESCOAMENTO DE PARTICULAS NO INTERIOR DE UMA CALDEIRA A BIOMASSA, Proceedings of CIBEM 2017 – 13º Congresso Ibero-americano de Engenharia Mecânica / Ingeniería Mecánica (pp. 1-8). Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Daniela A. L. Martins, Pedro A. M. Lobarinhas and Senhorinha F. C. F. Teixeira (2017) ESTUDO NUMÉRICO DO FLUXO SANGUÍNEO COMO UM FLUIDO NÃO-NEWTONIANO NAS ARTÉRIAS RENAIS, Proceedings of CIBEM 2017 – 13º Congresso Ibero-americano de Engenharia Mecânica / Ingeniería Mecánica (pp. 1-6). Lisbon, Portugal.